Happy Hens of the Davies Park Market

04 November 2016

Davies Park Market aims to support sustainable pasture farming, which promotes the health and well-being of hens. As of November, the only eggs sold at the market will be straight from our small-scale farmers or certified organic stalls! The well-being of Australian hens and of our farmers is important to us and we believe it is to you as well.

There are many benefits that pastured chickens offer, not only the superior quality of their eggs. Hens enhance soil fertility by working their manure into the soil, and they help manage crop pests by grazing on weeds and insect. Also, birds can be rotated into pasture following other livestock (such as cattle) to control fly and parasite problems. Therefore, they are very efficient natural disease prevention.

Pastured hens eat grasses and legumes that contain Vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients that are known to reduce cholesterol. Pastured birds also have more access to adequate space, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, and thus maintain better physical health than confined birds. With more exercise, chickens maintain a lower fat content, which is healthier for the bird and the consumer.

Watch the pastured eggs story from reporter Prue Adams which recently aired on ABC.